Frank Hanna


For over two decades now, working with our own funds and those of others, we have engaged in private equity and venture capital investing, generating above-market returns while providing leadership and philanthropic support for scores of non-profit projects.
The organizations we support are varied: some serve local communities while others are global in scope. All are motivated by caritas.
We began in 1989 by investing a small amount of our own personal funds to create our own business. We purchased a variety of portfolios of non-performing loans and continually refined our mathematical models, reconstructing our portfolios accordingly.
Five years later — after having purchased over $1.5 billion face value of loans — we sold the majority of that business to another private equity fund.
Through our various affiliates, we have since 1995 underwritten over $20 billion in receivables and raised over $600 million, investing the latter in the following areas: consumer lending, health care insurance, cellular payment processing, auto finance, cloud computing, real estate management, bond trading, media distribution, architected materials, predictive algorithms, microelectronics, nutraceuticals, and investment brokerage.



1) We despise losing money.
2) We have no need to gamble our resources or those of others. We are always in the game with our own money.
3) We are driven by data, not by subjective assessments. We undertake substantial, sustained quantitative analyses of proposed investments.
4) We seek to invest with persons we respect and trust.
5) As we have a significant amount of our own capital at stake, we stir the pot, enjoy doing so, and do not delegate major investment decisions.



• You may contact us at regarding opportunities that are consistent with our investment or philanthropic philosophy.